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Cerebral palsy is a disabling condition that affects more than 500,000 children in the United States, and an additional 10,000 born each year. The disorder results in limited muscle function that can affect movement, posture and muscle tone.

CP is caused, however, by damage to the brain, not the muscles or nerves. For this reason, doctors have yet to find a cure. Patients today still have numerous therapy options allowing them to maximize functionality, and the hope of revolutionary treatments on the horizon.  

Sadly, many cases of cerebral palsy are preventable. While doctors are learning more about the causes, experts have determined that approximately 20% could be due to unnecessary brain injury suffered either before, during or after birth.

The CP Help Center has assembled one of the largest resource sites for parents coping with their child’s cerebral palsy. From in-depth explanations of the condition to treatment options, assistance programs and legal help for those harmed by medical negligence, we’re here to help you the whole way.

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