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Cerebral Palsy Legal Options

For parents just discovering that their child has cerebral palsy, the news can be devastating. Those affected may need a lifetime of medical treatment, specialized therapy and living assistance just to overcome their limitations.

At the very least, they will need additional care that takes time away from work, activities and other family members.

The added expenses a family faces for a child with cerebral palsy can also be daunting. A recent government study placed the total lifetime cost for caring for a child with CP at nearly $1 million.

Unfortunately, many cases of cerebral palsy each year may have been avoided without mistakes by medical professionals and injuries to children at young ages.

If cerebral palsy is caused by the fault of another person or care facility, families have the right to seek compensation.

In most cases, doctors, hospitals and responsible parties have insurance coverage to fulfill these financial and legal responsibilities.

Cerebral palsy legal help is available at no cost for those who suspect their child’s condition is not a natural occurrence.

In the following sections, the CP Help Center has compiled more specific information on cerebral palsy lawsuits, cerebral palsy lawyers and frequently-asked legal questions.

Due to the complexity of birth injury lawsuits, it is important to select a lawyer with experience fighting these cases.

The CP Help Center only recommends lawyers that specialize in cerebral palsy lawsuits and have handled hundreds of cases.

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