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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The CP Help center recently learned the story of Jakob Medley, a brave 5-year-old who suffers from severe cerebral palsy that renders him unable to perform many normal activities. Unfortunately, Jakob is one of many whose CP was caused by avoidable errors during his birth.

However, a recent award in a lawsuit filed against the hospital where he was born will provide Jakob with the extraordinary care he will need for his entire life.

During Jakob’s delivery at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in 2009, a fetal monitor revealed he wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen on his own. He desperately needed an early cesarean section and specialized treatment after he was born.

However, hospital reports show that the attending staff never called a doctor to perform a C-section. Worse yet, he was made to wait eight minutes for a breathing tube since the facility’s infant trauma team was busy. During this time, doctors and nurses also failed to call for any back-up help.

As a result of the oxygen deprivation Jakob suffered, he developed permanent brain damage that led to cerebral palsy. He also has cognitive delays, seizures, physical disfigurement and cannot walk, talk or eat on his own. He receives food from a tube in his stomach.

Last week, a jury found that the hospital and its staff were negligent in performing their duty of care for Jakob, and didn’t adhere to accepted medical standards. They awarded him $8.45 million to provide for future treatment.

While only a small percentage of cerebral palsy cases are caused be medical error, any avoidable case is too many. It is hoped that with continued legal action against at-fault facilities, hospitals will adopt more stringent standards of care to guard against future fetal brain injury.

It is important for any parent with a child suffering from CP to undergo a thorough review of their birth records to determine if the hospital conducted the delivery in a satisfactory manner, as they may be eligible for substantial financial help for their child.

In almost every case, lawyers will review your records for free to let you know if you qualify for a legal claim. For more information, or help in choosing a qualified lawyer, contact us today.



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