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Cerebral Palsy Resources

Authored by Chris Schroeder

Perhaps because cerebral palsy is one of the oldest-known physical limitation disorders, there are a myriad of resources available for those affected and the families who care for them. The CP Help Center has combined the latest information and resources into the following sections.

cerebral palsy resources


Although there is no cure yet for the brain damage that causes cerebral palsy, research is ongoing to better identify the areas of the brain responsible for certain limitations, and treat those deficiencies with new technologies like stem cell therapy.

Doctors and therapists have made strides in developing new treatments to counteract the limitations of CP. Finally, advances in recreational therapy have opened doors for countless sports and artistic outlets giving those with cerebral palsy more leisure options than ever.


For more than 65 years, charities have sought to raise funding, increase awareness and share resources for those living with cerebral palsy.

What originally started as several families with children affected by CP banding together to improve their quality of life and the assistance available, has today grown into a large matrix of foundations that each focus on a different need.

Whether you’d like to offer support for one of these non-profit foundations or seek assistance for your child, we invite you to review our section dedicated to cerebral palsy charities.


In addition to the financial assistance offered by many charities, there are numerous private and governmental programs dedicated to making the everyday lives of those affected by cerebral palsy easier.

The CP Help Center has compiled an extensive database of programs that can assist with housing, employment, physical therapy, government and disability assistance, assistive technology, support groups, financial aid, recreation and social programs, state and local referrals and patient advocacy.


Beginning with our nation’s special disabilities law that provides free early intervention and adaptive education, all the way to programs that grant college scholarships, there are many public and private educational resources for those affected by cerebral palsy.

The CP Help Center maintains a listing of those programs providing equal educational opportunities to children with cerebral palsy.