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Cerebral Palsy Education

Authored by Chris Schroeder

Federal law protects the rights of children with disabilities to free evaluation and education. Also, several scholarship opportunities exist for those who wish to pursue postsecondary or college education.

The CP Help Center maintains a listing of those programs providing equal educational opportunities to children with cerebral palsy.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is our country’s special education law. It ensures that all children suspected of having a disability receive a no-cost evaluation of their ability and educational needs. It also fulfills those needs through the entire public education process with special services.

IDEA Early intervention

A support system for infants and toddlers under age 3 with disabilities and their families.

IDEA Special education and related services

Special needs services furnished through the public school system for children ages 3-21.

State Resource Sheets

Use this link to access your state or community’s early intervention services for a child up to age 3 under State Agencies. Special education services for children over age 3 can be accessed by contacting your local public school system or neighborhood elementary school.

Cerebral Palsy Scholarship Foundation

The Cerebral Palsy Scholarship Foundation offers college scholarships to California residents with cerebral palsy. These grants are awarded based on academic performance, life accomplishments, financial need and special circumstances.

National Youth Transitions Center

The National Youth Transitions Center is an online clearinghouse offering information on college scholarships and postsecondary education financial aid for individuals with disabilities